Part IV. Daemon Implementation Details

Table of Contents

Utilities — Various utility routines
Logging — Logging Routines
UDisksDaemon — Main daemon object
UDisksProvider — Abstract base class for all data providers
UDisksState — Object used for recording state and cleaning up
ATA commands — Helper routines for ATA commands
UDisksModuleManager — Manages daemon modules
State and Configuration
UDisksMountMonitor — Monitors mounted filesystems or in-use swap devices
UDisksFstabMonitor — Monitors entries in the fstab file
UDisksCrypttabMonitor — Monitors entries in the crypttab file
UDisksBaseJob — Base class for jobs.
UDisksSimpleJob — A simple job
UDisksThreadedJob — Job that runs in a thread
UDisksSpawnedJob — Job that spawns a command
Linux-specific types
UDisksLinuxManager — Linux implementation of UDisksManager
UDisksLinuxProvider — Provides Linux-specific objects
UDisksLinuxDevice — Low-level devices on Linux
Drives on Linux
UDisksLinuxDrive — Linux implementation of UDisksDrive
UDisksLinuxDriveAta — Linux implementation of UDisksDriveAta
UDisksLinuxDriveObject — Object representing a drive on Linux
Linux RAID
UDisksLinuxMDRaid — Linux implementation of UDisksMDRaid
UDisksLinuxMDRaidObject — Object representing a Linux Software RAID array
Block devices on Linux
UDisksLinuxBlock — Linux implementation of UDisksBlock
UDisksLinuxPartition — Linux implementation of UDisksPartition
UDisksLinuxPartitionTable — Linux implementation of UDisksPartitionTable
UDisksLinuxFilesystem — Linux implementation of UDisksFilesystem
UDisksLinuxEncrypted — Linux implementation of UDisksEncrypted
UDisksLinuxSwapspace — Linux implementation of UDisksSwapspace
UDisksLinuxLoop — Linux implementation of UDisksLoop
UDisksLinuxBlockObject — Object representing a block device on Linux.